The App Platform for Connected Cars

About OpenCar

OpenCar changes how Apps are created for the car, and how drivers experience their digital lifestyles within the car. Find out more about OpenCar’s vision, products, tools and services to power the next generation of connected car Apps for automakers, tier ones, system integrators, and developers.

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For Automakers

The center console is both the brain and heart of the modern driving experience. Control this space within your vehicle, protecting your valuable car and driver data while simplifying access to App developers. OpenCar provides the tools and services to automakers to create a competitive advantage in the connected car App space by opening the car to a new ecosystem of developers.

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For Developers

Get started with the OpenCar SDK. Use the OpenCar APIs and Simulator to quickly get your mobile App into a new space, and integrate with the car’s systems quickly by applying automaker-approved profiles and views to your existing HTML5 code.

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